Comic book characters Letter L

La Foire aux immortels comics A science fiction graphic novel set in the 21st century Paris where the world was left to chaos under the rule of the fascist J.F. Choublanc. Alcide Nikopol teams up with the Egyptian god Horus to save the earth.

Lady Death comics Taking the side of hell and leads them against heaven, Lady Death becomes hell’s mistress as she plays both hero and villain who wants to see everyone on earth dead.

Lex Luthor comics He is a businessman with a criminal mind; Lex Luthor is Superman’s great nemesis. He possesses neither super strength nor powers but he has superior intellect and a knack at ruthlessness.

Lone Wolf and Cub comics Ogami Itto is a dangerous warrior and a master swordsman. He became a victim of political ambitions and greed for power, turning him into an assassin seeking for revenge.

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Comic book characters Letter L

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