Comic book characters Letter J

James Bond comics Follow the action adventures of the SIS Agent 007. James Bond is famous for his “Bond, James Bond” introduction, his dinner jacket, and many other trademarks and mannerisms that are uniquely his own.

Jean Grey comics She is a powerful mutant, a founding member of the X men, Jean Grey is gifted with immense telepathic and telekinesis powers.

Jimmy Corrigan comics He is a lonely man with an awkward and cheerless character. Follow Jimmy`s attempts at escaping unhappiness through active imagination that leads him to compromising situations.

Jo Zette and Jocko comics Two kids and their pet monkey are lost in a whirlwind of adventures. Jo, Zette, and Joco sets off to a mysterious island threatened by an erupting volcano, all the while chased by a gang of mad scientists.

Joker comics He is the Bat’s ultimate enemy, The Joker comics chronicles Gotham City’s most prominent supervillain. Follow Joker’s maniacal crimes and his countless attempts at disposing the Dark Knight.

Jonah Hex comics Some look up to him as a hero, others as a villain. Jonah Hex is an 1870 bounty hunter accompanied by the acrid smell of gun smoke and of death itself.

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Comic book characters Letter J

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