Comic book characters Letter C

Cairo graphic novel A mystical hookah was stolen, the bearer of the secrets of East and the Under Nile of legend. Six enthralling characters, driven by intrigue are drawn to seek for the filched magical box.

Calvin and Hobbes comics Calvin is an imaginative 6 year old boy who sees his stuffed tiger Hobbes as a real live one. Follow their adventures and misadventures as Calvin goes thru life full of unique and interesting perspectives.

Captain America comics Steve Rogers is a weak young man until he was injected with an experimental serum, turning him to Captain America, the world's one and only perfect super soldier.

Captain Marvel comics Hailed as the world's mightiest mortal, Captain Marvel is the original protector of the universe, committed to fighting and defending earth from all harm.

Carnage comics An alien symbiote offspring of Venom, Carnage bonded with Cletus Kasady, a serial killer. And this bond created Spider Man’s most lethal and murderous adversary.

Chis Sweet Home comics A gray, white and black stripped kitten wanders from her family but lucky for Chi, she found her home, away from home.

Criminal comics Leo Patterson is a deadly, criminal genius, but is hidden by fear. As old friends show up, he is forced to face crime's fatal spotlight.

Ctrl Alt Del comics A gaming related webcomics centered on the characters of Ethan and his roommate Lucas; a video game freak meets mister sarcastic in a day to day frenzy.

Cyanide and Happiness comics Simply and colorfully drawn, this dark humor web comics centering on topics of terrorism, disabilities, rape, murder, self harm and others that are cynical & offensive.

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Comic book characters Letter C

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