Comic book characters Letter A

100 Bullets comics Meet the mysterious Agent Graves and his game of justifiable vengeance armed with the needed facts and a hundred untraceable bullets.

2000 AD comics A sci fi comics that chronicles one of the toughest and most popular comic book characters, Judge Dredd, a feared lawman who brings justice and order to the violent and crime infested Mega City.

30 Days of Night comics The town of Barrow, Alaska is being attacked by vampires, here comes a dark time at the height of winter when the sun refuses to shine, turning days into nights.

300 comics A noted war comics that accounts Leonidas and his 300 bravest Spartan soldiers making their stand against the invasion of King Xerxes and his Persian armies during the battle of Thermopylae.

A History of Violence comics This is the story of how a local cafe owner, Tom McKenna turns into a hero after successfully defending his store from attempted robbery. A national recognition soon followed, a risky chance of exposing a carefully hidden mistake.

Abrafaxe comics Meet the Abrafaxe; Abrax, Brabax, and Califax, 3 good Goblins on a voyage thru space and time, witnessing and participating historical events in the world's foulest and greatest glories.

Akira comics Set in Neo Tokyo, when the world was recovering from war, read about the story of Akira, a paranormal child and the most powerful psychic of all.

Alison Dare graphic novel She is not your average Gr 4 6, Alison is headstrong with a thirst for adventure. Along with her best friends, she embarks on many exploits, and in doing so break a series of school rules.

Amelia Rules comics A whip smart 5th grade spitfire, Amelia McBride is one tough and wise tomboy, and sweet and forgiving too, sometimes.

American Vampire comics A new kind of vampire specie stirs the entire vampire evolution with new powers, amazing strength, and a blood thirst like no other.

Apocalypse comics En Sabah Nur is one of the very first mutants and among the most powerful. Going by the name of Apocalypse, he appears to be immortal and possess superb celestial technology.

Aquaman comics Ruler of Atlantis and king of the seven seas, Aquaman possess the powers and abilities to control and protect his undersea territories.

Archie comics He’s an average teen living the average life in an average town, Archie seems pretty normal except for having two girlfriends and a striking flair for trouble.

Astro Boy comics He is a robot boy created in the likeness of a real child. Follow his amazing heroic journey to discovering kindness, compassion, and selflessness in facing life`s challenges.

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Comic book characters Letter A

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