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Dirty Plotte comicsDelve into a woman’s deepest thoughts, her most bizarre fantasies, and other unacceptable topics.

Julie Doucet offers her readers repugnant issues that are highly dismissed by general readership. Such topics include anger and frustration which leads to harming ones self, drugs and alcohol.

Dirty Plotte is an alternative comic book series written by Julie Doucet herself, expressing her wild imagination in the most artistic form possible. Dirty Plotte comics was published by Drawn and Quarterly, totaling 9 issues or more, from 1990 to date.

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Creator site

Julie Doucet
Get to know more about the life and works of Julie Doucet, comic creator of Dirty Plotte comics, author of Monkey and the Living Death and other titles.

Publisher site

Drawn and Quarterly
Official publisher of Dirty Plotte and other independent comic book, visit the site for alternative comics news, updates, and previews.

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