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Comic characters alphabetical index A comprehensive guide and information on comics characters in alphabetical order. Find brief background of popular comic book superheroes, superheroines or costumed hero; and see samples of actual comic book series that the comic book characters appear, as well as recommended key issues, and more.

Alternative comics characters Info on alternative comic books with their plot summaries, recommended issues for collectors, and find also useful links that will lead to the official websites that created the comics. Read also samples pages of each alternative comic.

Business comics characters Find information of your favorite business comic strips; learn more about them by reading how the comics came about, some background about the comics characters, and other details you want to know.

Childrens comics characters Childrens comics characters Get a guide to comic books for kids, read samples of comics created for children, and find brief background and summary for each children comics from Beano and Dandy comics to Classics Illustrated Comics for kids.

Christian comics charactersChristian comics characters Find out a list of Christian comics and gather information, plot summaries, and find actual pages that you can read for each published catholic comics or other Christian comic books.

Comic book series characters Comic book series characters Find extensive guide and information about your best loved comic book series. Browse on various pages that offer useful info about a great number of comics serials with sample comics for each one, as well as links and recommended issues for your perusal.

Comic strips characters Comic strips characters Here are useful info and guide about a particular comic strip or several newspaper Sunday strips that you have been following. Read a sample of funny daily strips as well as more information such as summaries and some background of the creators of the comic strips.

Comics anthology charactersComics anthology characters Refer to this section for comic book anthologies and comics albums. Get a guide and info about anthology comic books and all known comics that are published into a comics collection.

Crossover comics charactersCrossover comics characters Enjoy reading this guide on crossover comic books. Find great information about published amalgam comics with brief summaries, useful links, and samples of inter company crossover comics for your enjoyment.

DC comics charactersDC comics characters Satiate your appetites by bingeing on the great lore of DC comics; read an extensive guide to all DC comic book series, key issues and titles; take a nip more about some background of your favorite DC superheroes and super villains.

Defunct comics charactersDefunct comics characters Listings of comic books that no longer existed. Also get information for each terminated comics, year published, and the year a particular comics had stopped appearing in the bookstands.

Drama comics characters Learn more about your best loved drama comic book series. Read samples, summaries, recommended titles and issues. Also find some links that offer further information about a particular drama comic or a newly published tragedy comics that you may want to read.

Fantasy comics characters Get a guide on fantasy themed comic books and get information for each mythology comic, which is complete with plot summaries, and links pertaining to fantasy comics featured in our site.

Graphic novels characters Read about your favorite illustrated novels from Bone, V for Vendetta, A History of Violence, to Dead Man`s Shoes, Sandman, and Watchmen. Also get helpful links and other information for your perusal.

History comics characters A comprehensive guide to historical comic books and biography comic books. Find links, recommended issues, synopsis, and samples of history comics.

Horror comics characters Read all the gory comics you want that are popular today; find info and guide to your favorite horror comic books and gothic graphic novels, and learn some of the highly collected horror comics issues in the market.

Humor comics characters Get hearty laughs with a collection of comedy comics found in the pages. See the directory of your favorite gag comics and more info about their origin, creators, as well as a sample for each popular funny comics.

Manga comics characters Information and guide about Japanese manga comics; read about popular Japanese comic series as well as Japanese influenced manga comic books published in other countries.

Marvel comics characters Immerse on the awesome universe that you can read in Marvel comic books, find marvelous superheroes, and super villains introduced and published by Marvel Comics from the Golden Age of comics to present.

Medieval comics characters Read about your favorite Middle Age comic books complete with a brief background and sample for each Gothic comics. Provided also are recommended issues that are highly collected in the market today.

New comics characters Here are the listings of popular current comics complete with brief information and summaries about each latest comics, as well as links and samples of new comic books that you can enjoy reading.

Noir comics characters Get some facts and trivia about your favorite dark comics. Provided also are useful links and samples of bleak comics that you can enjoy reading. Recommended issues of popular noir comics are also offered for your consideration.

Non fiction comics characters This is a complete guide to nonfiction comic books. Read helpful info, short background, samples, links and more useful resources for each real life comics ever published.

Old comics characters Brief summaries, recommended issues, and find a directory that provides you with useful links about your best loved vintage comic books. See samples of your favorite classic comics.

Romance comics characters Satisfy your curiosities on love comics by reading all the great romance comic books featured in this site. Get information about each love story comics such as plot summary, character background, and lots more.

Science fiction comics characters This page has a huge collection of science fiction comic books with helpful resources, recommended issues, summaries, and samples. Read brief background you want to know about some popular space odyssey comics.

Sunday comics characters Learn more about various newspaper comic strips, or find info on your favorite Sunday funnies, and read samples of popular newspaper comics from Annie, Beetle Bailey, and Blondie to Calvin and Hobbes, Dennis the Menace, Garfield, among others.

Superhero comics characters Your helpful guide to superhero comic characters list. Gather info on comic book super heroines and their super villains. Learn of various comic book super heroes resources to acquire them.

Villain comic characters A comprehensive listing of comic's most celebrated super villains and protagonists. Read descriptions, helpful information, and find related links to sites and pages of comic creators and artists of these equally famous characters.

War comics characters Looking for information about your favorite military combat comic book series? We offer you brief summaries, sample for each war comics, recommended summaries, and useful links.

Webcomics characters Get information on all popular online comics, read samples of comics stories that are published online, and find links that will lead you to the pages or websites of artists and creators of the webcomics.

Comics info & guide

How to collect comics This is a comic book collecting guide where you can learn all about comics. A beginner’s information on collecting comics and how to buy comic books online. Learn tips on how to sell your old comics, etc..

Make a comic Read our information guide on how to create your own comic books. Learn about comic book creation softwares for drawing your comic characters. Know how to make comic strips online and learn how to print your own comics. Get to know the comic book anatomy and tips on how to bind your comics. After mastering the comics character creator, learn the art of comic book lettering.

Types of comics Increase your knowledge about comics by learning what are the different genre, kinds & types of comic books. Learn how to categorize comics in order to sort your comic book collection.

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